Autumn, some of you call it Fall but here they call it the Truffle Season!

The white truffle might smell like earth, tree roots and old cheese, but this gastronomical object of desire, from Italy's Piedmont region, is very famous for its aroma, taste and aphrodisiac qualities. For centuries people have travelled from near and far just to savour a little piece. It is a gastronomical jewel only to be experienced at its fullest intensity in Alba, Italy (just 20 mins away from our Boutique Bed & Breakfast Alta Villa).

Here its known as trifola, however its scientific name is Tuber Magnatum Pico. From September until December the white truffle is harvested from its earthy home in the hills of the Langhe south of Alba and from the Monferrato. The white truffle is a hypogean fungus, living entirely underground, ensconced among the roots trees, and those among the oaks are the most sought after by the trifulau (truffle hunter) and their especially trained dogs. Each year we organize not only dinners but also the night search in the woods!

It is always a mystery as to which tree might produce the best, as individual trees vary considerably. Tree species such as the hazelnut, lime, poplar, willow present possibilities for savoury truffles to grow. The size, flavour and aroma of a truffle is contingent on various factors such as moisture, weather, species and age of the tree, soil type and acidity, proximity to the roots and tree trunk, and insect traffic. If you cannot come so far, then contact us because we can have the Truffles shipped to your home together with the Tajerin (pasta) and the Truffle grate.

The Alba Truffle Festival lures thousands of people to it festivities - be amongst them.