We have implemented a “GoGreen” philosophy

We fell in love with an old Farmhouse built in the early 1900's set in the rolling hills of Piedmont in a stunning location surrounded by vineyards, in the Piemontese countryside, framed by the Alps and the Monviso (Paramount) Mountain. The breathtaking view and peace and quiet of the place inspired us to transforming the house into a stylish and elegant Country house for our Guests.

Our aim was to turn our new home into a chambre d'hôtes more than a typical bed & breakfast. We wanted to transmit the atmosphere of serenity and peace, which we felt when we arrived here. Our choice has just been proven right: in fact in June 2014, this magnificent part of Piedmont received the award UNESCO heritage status.

The creation and refurbishment of Alta Villa was inspired by the "GoGreen" philosophy which consists in building in a responsible and sustainable manner. This philosophy is also applicable to our way of life which means respecting and living close to nature.

The Country house gives you the chance to find the way back to your basic self, by listening to the noise of nature, observing and discovering the country around you and finding complete peace and relaxation. The idea of Alta Villa is also to allow you, not only to get in touch with nature and the Italian way of living, but also to reacquire a sense of time, far from any daily work or routines. This relaxing ambience is ideal for adults, couples and for families with teenage children.

consuelo altavillaConsuelo Pizzorni Manager/Host

"It is important to be a step ahead and have a plan B up your sleeve. My choice in refurbishing this structure in Vigliano D'Asti is two-fold: Love for the place and passion. These two ingredients are the key elements for any venture.

I turned the old farm house of the early 1900s into the Country house Alta Villa, designed to greet and pamper guests, who, like me want to enjoy the countryside immersed in the hilly, piedmotese landscape.

People who just like me want to flee the hectic urban life and learn to listen to the noise of silence.

My corporate career and international background provided me with the necessary tools so as to implement years of experience in this new activity.

My motto:”just do it & dare".